Mission Statement

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This platform and its content provides a deep dive exploration in to women’s sexual pleasure, sensation and satisfaction.

I want to open up conversations about sex that promote female sexual pleasure, and that place the female experience + body at the core of a sexual exchange.

I want to cut through the smoke and mirrors, the play-acting and the games that surround sex that are not satisfying most women and are not connecting many couples.

I want to strip back sex: to question our presumptions, to deconstruct the narrative, to re-define what sex can be.

I want women to achieve equality not only in the boardroom, but in the bedroom too!

Laptop and Vagina by Naomi Wolf for research

My mission has three pillars at its core:


I want to create a space where women and their partners can be totally in the know about the female body, how it operates and how it experiences pleasure. By exploring the sociology and cultural history of female bodies and female sexuality, we ourselves can start to understand – and get rid of – all the myths, shame and misinformation that has surrounded women and sex for centuries.


I want to create a space where women – armed with knowledge and relinquished of shame about their sexual bodies – can be assertive in their acquisition of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

This is about women being open to being vulnerable and open to putting themselves first. It’s about realising you aren’t ‘making a fuss’ and that it’s not awkward, weird, shameful or unbecoming to ask for what you want. This is about women taking responsibility for their own pleasure, and truly believing that they deserve it.


Our society is obsessed with sex. But understanding intimacy and having open, real and honest conversations about sex is a totally different matter. We aren’t good at talking about sex – historically, culturally, publicly, even privately. I want to create a space where women and their partners can reach deep levels of communication about sex, with no inhibition, no fear and no hurt egos. Research shows that great, connecting sex can only come from deep communication.

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