Sex coaching for women & couples who are ready to ditch sexual disconnection and transform their sex life

What if you could transform your relationship to feel more connection and satisfaction than ever before?

How would it feel to liberate yourself from the anxiety you associate with sex, and ooze sexual confidence?

Imagine feeling at ease with your body, and gaining access to deeper pleasure and intimacy.

I help...

Sex after cancer

Women or couples who would like support navigating sex and intimacy in the wake of a cancer diagnosis


Women who feel shame around their sexual bodies, and who yearn to feel sexually liberated


Couples who feel more like best friends than lovers, and long to reignite the magic in their relationship

1:1 Sex Coaching

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What to expect


Frequently asked questions

Is sex coaching like sex therapy?

Sex coaching is more present and future facing than sex therapy. In sex coaching, I would ask: “where are you now and where do you want to get to?” We facilitate this process for you, the client, leading you down the road of sexual self-discovery via assessment, discussions and a dynamic action plan. Unlike sex therapy, sex coaching does not focus heavily on the past nor involve processing deep emotional feelings. We work toward goals and results, from a perspective of empowering you to make the best choices armed with a lot of psycho-education and resourcing, among other components.  It is a process of personal growth and self-acceptance, directed towards sexual healing and authenticity.

I trained for two years at SCU, a highly regarded training program taught by Dr Patti Britton who founded the profession of sex coaching in 1993. It is the only sex coaching course recognised by the World Association of Sexual Health. I have completed a Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training and I am a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) which sets the standard for best practices and ethics in sex coaching and only admits trained and highly qualified professionals. I also have a first-class undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University specialising in the history of sex and sexuality, which helps contextualise my work in the field of sexology.

Sex coaching relies on the heart of clinical sexology and uses a holistic, whole person, body/mind integrative model when working with clients. I use a variety of techniques including personalised sexuality education, re-directive cognitive processes and mental reframing, emotional balancing, mindfulness, somatic awareness and behavioural training. I only talk – and do not touch – when I am in session with clients. My sessions are forward-focused, working towards goals and results, whilst also facilitating a journey of sexual healing and transformation.