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Well hello there, my name is Georgia.

Introducing ‘The Pink Wig’

This season of articles are dedicated to all those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s why.

Whilst I was recovering from chemotherapy treatment, I was contacted online by a woman called Emma…

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There are no rules for weathering the storm that is cancer, and keeping sane and strong amidst the chaos of a diagnosis. There never will be a ‘right way’ of doing cancer treatment. 

Everyone’s individual experience is just that: individual.

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Season 3

“The Pink Wig” : Healing Through Cancer

A personal documentation of my own journey with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. Sharing holistic healing tools to support chemotherapy treatment, and to help restore the mind, body and soul.

Introducing Season Two: ‘Sex After’

The stories shared on here are not mine to tell. This season is about me passing the microphone to women out there who are brave enough to share their sexual experiences. Expressed in their own words. To start conversations that we should be having. Not only can these stories alleviate the stigma around talking about female sexuality, I believe – and hope – they can help, support, enlighten, educate and empower the people reading them. 

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Sex After Assault

This story focuses on the experience of sex and sexuality after sexual assault. But to help contextualise the reading, the heroine of this piece was assaulted by a senior colleague whilst working in London, in the “city” (aka finance industry), who coerced her into having a drink with him after their end-of-day meeting.
** Trigger warning: this article contains content about sexual assault **

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Sex After Assault: Advice for Others from Billie

The reason why I wanted to take part in this project is because I’ve learned that these stories can really help other people. You might be able to see yourself in someone else’s story and feel inspired by how that person has moved forward. Our community is constantly asking for more real life stories – so from my point of view, the more of them out there, the better.

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Season 2

“Sex After”: A Lifetime of Sex

A collection of stories written by women about how their sexuality was affected by the ups and downs of modern life’s challenges. They’re personal. Expressed in their own words. To start conversations we should all be having.

Season 1

The Sexual Revolution 2.0

Get ready to deconstruct your presumptions about sex and re-define sexual pleasure on your own terms.

Based on research of the sex lives of 500 women, these articles put sex under the spotlight to encourage a much-needed honest conversation about women’s pleasure.