“The Pink Wig”: Healing Through Cancer

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Diary entry: My diagnosis

A week ago, I found out news I was truly hoping I would dodge. That the tumour that’s the size of a small football – growing next to my heart – is cancerous.

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Introducing ‘The Pink Wig’

This season of articles are dedicated to all those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s why.

Whilst I was recovering from chemotherapy treatment, I was contacted online by a woman called Emma…

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There are no rules for weathering the storm that is cancer, and keeping sane and strong amidst the chaos of a diagnosis. There never will be a ‘right way’ of doing cancer treatment. 

Everyone’s individual experience is just that: individual.

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Sharing my journey with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma blood cancer.

An intimate documentation of my integrative approach to cancer treatment.

These articles share the holistic and natural remedies I used to support the body, mind and soul during chemotherapy.

This includes: specific treatments, food recipes, supplements, healing practices, meditations and mindset tools.

By sharing my own research and experience, I hope it it brings support and comfort to others confronting this frightening disease.

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Diary Entry: Shaving off my hair

The reality of this disease suddenly and rawly exposed. The positive spins, affirmations, mindful re-frames & stoic accommodations cast aside. My bald head a catalyst that catapulted us down to earth, a sober reality. Of the seriousness of the situation. The lack of choice. The lack of control. The fear and anxiety its brought. The shit show that it is.

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Diary Entry: The Rollercoaster Of Cancer

A rollercoaster metaphor is used a lot to describe a cancer diagnosis and its treatment. 

I’ve found this to be pretty accurate. 

Each treatment cycle is a constant up & down of physical symptoms, emotions, energy levels & positivity levels – changing every few hours.

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Mindset Tool: Being in your Sovereignty

I had huge resistance to do chemo initially. 

My aunt responded adversely to it 15 years ago. 

And the spiritual coaches, wellness gurus and general “woo woo” crew id been rubbing shoulders with – on and offline – for years told me to mistrust big pharma, and rather meditate and juice and unblock my chakras back to health.

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Mindset Tool: Re-Framing This Experience 

So much of getting through treatment is a challenge of the mind. 

Yes, there are undoubtedly very unpleasant physical components to treatment. But for me, the biggest test was mustering the strength day after day to go thought the physical and psychological ups and down, as well as adjusting to this weird new reality.

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Mindset Tool: Visualisation 

Don’t get me wrong, there were many moments where I balled my eyes out last year. Lots of sobbing, feeling overwhelmed & watching noughties telly in my pants for the entire day. 

But I also had in mind what energy I wanted to bring during my cancer treatment, overall.

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The Body: Food For Supporting Treatment (Part 1)

Everyone has an opinion and a secret ingredient/supplement/recipe/regimen that they swear by to help you beat the cancer that you’d do pretty much anything to get rid of.

You go to your oncologist to fact check it all, but he just tells you not to worry about food, to just keep your weight up…

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