The Orgasm Gap Masterclass

What is The Orgasm Gap?

The O-Gap is the sex equivalent to the gender pay gap where cis heterosexual women have fewer orgasms than their cis male partners.

*Studies in the last decade illustrate that when women and men have sex with each other, the rate of men usually or always orgasming is at 95%, and for women it is 65% . However, much lower rates are reported by women engaging in casual sex (only 18% of women report usually or often orgasm during casual sex – a very depressing stat!)

Why Is It Important?

We know that, when having sex with other women or when enjoying self-pleasure alone, orgasm rates among women are high. This debunks the myth that women’s orgasms are elusive or that women are “less orgasmic” than men.

The Orgasm Gap points to the reality that it’s the type of sex heterosexual women have with men – and the societal influences & cultural factors & pressures associated with it – that disadvantages women’s pleasure.

It’s about time that we start talking openly about this and unpacking this big topic.

And it’s definitely time for women to stop blaming themselves if they aren’t experiencing maximum pleasure from penetrative sex!

The Orgasm Gap Masterclass

Join me for a long overdue conversation to delve deeper into why women are experiencing less pleasure and what we can do to close it.

This is open to anyone who wants to expand their understanding of sex and put aside pre-conceived ideas of what sex “should” look like. This is for heterosexual women who want to stop faking their orgasms, or who secretly think “there must be more to sex than this”. This is for heterosexual men who want to help their partners have more pleasure and learn how to make sex a more equal playing field.

You will leave the Masterclass with new learnings, practical tools and resources to up-level your sex life so you can have more satisfying experiences!

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