The Body: Food For Supporting Treatment (Part 1)

What would you do?

You’re about to start chemo. 

And everyone has an opinion and a secret ingredient/supplement/recipe/regimen that they swear by to help you beat the cancer that you’d do pretty much anything to get rid of.

You go to your oncologist to fact check it all, but he just tells you not to worry about food, to just keep your weight up… 

Meanwhile, you’re ingesting a daily influx of conflicting information demanding you to:

  • Fast before and after chemo. 
  • Avoid sugar at all costs.
  • Eat alkaline food only.
  • Green juice & green tea. Always.
  • Avoid dairy, soya, white carbs, booze and meat. 
  • Purify your water. 
  • Only eat organic
  • In terms of food prep, avoid all plastics, microwaves, tin foil, non-stick pans, and leftovers
  • (To name but a few….)

Do you….?

A. Have a nervy B
B. Develop intense swathes of guilt if you nibble on a croissant or look at a glass of wine
C. Read all the studies and books you can get your hands on
D. Dial down the noise, sit with yourself, tune in to your body, listen to your intuition, and follow what feels right for you…

In my case – all of the above!!! In sequential order.

After being hit around the face/brain by the cancer circus and its overwhelming, anxiety-inducing information overload, here’s what I finally deduced FOR ME:

  1. For me, being too restrictive and controlling with food would make me incredibly stressed and miserable – the opposite of what my body needed. 
  2. For me, fasting didn’t make sense – especially given my cute fainting episodes
  3. For me, strengthening my immune system and reducing inflammation in my body made a lot of sense
  4. For me, focusing on organic food (where possible), veggies and whole foods from the earth made a lot of sense.
  5. For me, cutting out processed stuff which we know isn’t good for our bodies made a lot of sense

Everyone’s cancer journey is completely different, as well as their specific treatment and what food their bodies can tolerate as a result.

That’s why it’s so important not to get lost in the noise, nor develop horrible feelings (like panic, anxiety, guilt etc) around nutrition. 

My advice – as ever – is to do the research but listen to your own intuition and your own needs. 

I only share what worked for me. 

For me, I did see food as medicine. Medicine to stimulate the immune system and aid healing. 

And looking back, I do believe my nutritions plan kept my body very strong and resilient during treatment. So much so that my doctors started to ask questions about what I was doing…!

In my next post, I’ll share specifics….

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