Introducing ‘The Pink Wig’

This season of articles are dedicated to all those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s why.

Whilst I was recovering from chemotherapy treatment, I was contacted online by a woman called Emma. 

Emma, like me, is in her early 30s and had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She got in touch about my Instagram posts which tracked my cancer journey holistic approach to chemotherapy treatment. But she also wanted to know where the pink wig in my profile picture photo was from, so she could buy the same one for when her hair fell out. 

Fast forward a few days – Emma and I are sat together having tea in Charlotte Street, my pink wig in my handbag, along with a notebook scrawled with my own notes to share with her about specific practices, food recipes, supplements, meditations, mindsets, tools and general tips for navigating cancer treatment.

All these things, I believe, contributed to me withstanding fortnightly – rather than monthly – chemo infusions (which my nurse has only seen one other lymphoma patient do! Whoo!) and to me keeping my zen on throughout treatment. As well as melting that bloody tumour completely out of my system, hopefully for ever and ever and ever.

My pink wig was now Emma’s. She sent me pictures of her wearing it to her best friend’s wedding a few months later.

And then she passed it on, when she no longer needed it, to another young woman – Miranda – who she met at a breast cancer support charity who was just about to embark on the strange rollercoaster that is cancer treatment.

Women helping women, helping women, helping women…

The mantle passed on. 

And in that vein, I’m starting a new season on G’s Spot, sharing those notebook scrawls to those going through cancer treatment, for anyone who may find them helpful. 

It was always my intention to write this season, but the timing feels more pertinent than ever as my mum is currently navigating her own health challenges and treatment. This season is dedicated to her, as well as to Emma and Miranda, and all other people present & future navigating difficult waters.

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