The Body: 4 Things I did to Support My Body Through Chemo


Research shows how movement & exercise is great to do alongside treatment if you feel strong enough.

Some days I could only manage a slow walk to the local coffee shop, other days I marched around London’s Royal parks like a maniac on my steroids. 

I used to be a HIIT class devotee before getting diagnosed, and it took a full year (from my final treatment date) to get back to my happy place of doing sprints & weights in a dark room with strobes and intense music. 

For anyone looking to reclaim their fitness after treatment – I recommend getting in touch with Trekstock which is an amazing cancer charity that offers FREE 1:1 personal training sessions! Victoria, my PT, felt like a god-send as I had no clue how to build up my strength properly.


Wim Hoff Wim Hoff Wim Hoff Wim Hoff

If you don’t know of him, where have you been!? 

He’s shone a light on the huge health benefits of cold exposure, and science is taking notice. 

Despite hating the cold, I started taking cold showers from the day I got diagnosed, to help boost my immune system and increase my toleration of stress. 

There’s a “Wim Hoff Method for Cancer Survivors” Facebook page for those interested.


There’s a guy in the self-development, body/mind sphere that people go absolutely batshit cray over, he’s called Joe Dispenza.

He claims to have healed a very serious spinal injury via meditation and visualisation alone. Since then, he’s written a lot on the body’s natural ability to heal, the power of the mind and how we can heal our body using ‘mind over matter’.

He’s a controversial, marmite-esque character – people tend to love or hate him 👼🏻👹

I personally have a pretty neutral opinion of Joey D. I read his book ‘Becoming Supernatural’ during chemo, I didn’t really get all of it, but I am interested in the mind-body connection and I was like: you know what, I’ll do his healing meditation every day because I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

So I incorporated that into my daily healing ritual and truthfully I did feel really good for it, and did feel I was tapping into the healing potential of my body.

If this tickles your fancy, google ‘Blessing of the Energy Centres meditation’ to find thousands of guided meditations online. 

The trick is finding one with a non-annoying voice!!!! (easier than it sounds 🤪)


The day of chemo, I drank at least 3L of water to help circulate the chemo around the body and flush it out as quickly as possible.

I continued to drink the same amount daily for the next week, as a way to detox the body as much as possible. My skin has honestly never looked so good!

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