The Sexual Revolution 2.0

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My First Post

Hello and welcome, my Spot sisters and misters!
My name is Georgia and this is a space for conversations about sex.
And who can resist a pun?… It’s therefore my very great *pleasure* to welcome you to G’s Spot.

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Lips Illustration by Bronwen Bender

The Sexual Charade

G’s Spot is dedicated to confident communication about sex and female pleasure. The minute we start speaking about something confidently and without shame – like sex and our bodies – it gives permission to others to do the same. I hope that the G’s Spot platform provides a space to reflect, learn and build tools to start talking about how we do, and how we want to, experience sex.

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WTF is going on?

The fact that sexologists and sex researchers still hark back to the studies of Kinsey, Master & Johnson and Hite – which were carried out nearly half a century ago – speaks volumes. We need to be doing some more deep dive research on female pleasure, sensuality and satisfaction. Stat.

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Why are women faking their orgasms?

Welcome to Season One: it’s time to get c-literate and put sex under the spotlight for a much needed, frank conversation about women’s pleasure.

Why is women’s sexuality still such a taboo topic anyway? Based on research I conducted in 2018 – and the sex lives of 500 surveyed women – get ready to deconstruct everything you thought you knew about sex…

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V is for Vulva

If we can’t accurately label our bits, are we really embracing our bodies, are we fully in tune with our glorious female forms, are we at one with our inner goddesses and are we truly comfortable with the very thing that externally shows that we are a woman?

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Masturbating with a Toothbrush

Because the clitoris and I have been acquainted for quite some time, and because I now understand its crucial role in the production of female pleasure, I thought there wouldn’t be too much for me to research and investigate about it for G’s Spot. Turns out there was more than I expected…

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This is what your clitoris ACTUALLY looks like

We are living in an ‘icliteratate’ society. Most of our ‘pleasure’ organ is internal. Most women don’t know this. We see the exposed, sexualised female body everywhere, but we actually know nothing about the female sex organ.

We need to start getting ‘cliterate’!

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The G-Spot is a myth (…or is it?!)

Here is a selection of the conflicting opinions that I came across when doing research about the G-spot. There is such a wide range of information and misinformation, it can be tricky to even know where to begin…

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G’s Spot goes to Manchester to do some sex talks!

When I started G’s Spot, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be doing talks within a few months of launching. I accepted the invitation with a mix of trepidation and excitement, and a lot of gratitude. Thank you so much to Izzy and Sexpression Manchester, for giving me the opportunity to talk to people face-to-face about female sexual empowerment.

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