About the Illustrator: Bronwen Bender

Whilst I was planning G’s Spot last year, I knew that I wanted to establish an unique and beautiful design for the blog via illustration and art.  I was also determined to collaborate with – and champion – female talent to achieve this goal.

Put the two together?

Enter Bronwen Bender: extraordinary illustrator and the artistic genius behind G’s Spot. Her drawings are playful and stylish, provocative yet approachable, sexy but not smutty. She perfectly embodies everything that G’s Spot strives to be!

 Working together has been a seamless process, and I am so infatuated with the illustrations Bron has created which are bespoke and related to each article. Bron’s illustrations are praised ALL THE TIME, and I feel indebted to her for lending her talent to this platform.

I would like to dedicate this post to Bron – to laud her art, to celebrate her creativity, and to shine a spotlight on her wonderful self via the medium of …. Q+A !

1. Describe yourself in 5 words

Arty, Community focussed food lover.

2. Tell us more about your journey as an artist

I was raised by two contemporary glass artists, my uncle runs cass arts a chain of art supply shops, my grandpa set up and lives in a sculpture park and my great uncle was a philanthropist, collecting and then donating his superb arts collection to galleries and museums around the uk. I grew up emersed in art and used to joke I would get disowned if I didn’t go to art school. Which I did of course! 

I toyed with the idea of studying jewellery or textile design but settled on illustration at Edinburgh college of art. I have since studied Community and Arts Engagement in Melbourne and have worked as a freelance illustrator, a mentor for an artist with a disability,  facilitating community arts programs, teaching kids art, pasting up street art and much more. 

3. Why did you agree to take on this project for G’s Spot?

Well I am a passionate feminist who recognises the need for more open and frank conversations about non heterosexual male sexuality. Also I loved the idea of being able to draw naughty things playfully and have the excuse of being able to search for images of all kinds of wonderful bodies for inspiration. I was also excited to collaborate and bounce ideas backwards and forwards with Georgia the author of the blog. 

4. What are your thoughts on female pleasure?

It is power! I feel so lucky to live in a culture and era where the importance of female pleasure is being increasingly recognised and valued. What a treat to have so many wonderful advocates for female and queer pleasure and increasing amounts of realistic depictions of lady-pleasure in tv and film.  Yep there’s still a long way to go but what a fun journey it will be!

5. What’s your top sex tip/piece of advice?

Keep learning to love your body, it can be tricky at times but be as kind to it as you can. Touch it gently, speak to it fondly and treat it regularly. The more you appreciate and value it the more others will and that makes for great sex!

Bronwen Bender – illustrator

www.brownwenbender.com / @bronwen.bender

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